Sunday, November 18, 2012

Weekend Catchup, Days 5 & 6

Well, looks like I've got 2 days to catch up on.  I'm not finding my balance in the past 2 days.  Friday was just slightly leaning toward gluttony, with a smattering of emotional eating.  Saturday was… well, I ate and drank whatever the fuck I felt like eating and drinking.  It was a high-alert, junk food-only, exception-not-the-rule kinda day.  The kind that does not support weight loss and general good health efforts.  The kind that must be kept to a minimum.

In the effort of honesty, I will document my "menu."  Be forewarned: it's not pretty.

(To recap the grades, on the Real vs. Processed Scale, 1 = all real foods, 3 = about equal, 5 = do you even know what food is?; on the Overall Balance Scale, 1 = too restrictive, 3= BALANCE!, 5 = completely gluttonous)

But we'll start with Friday.

B - Greek yogurt with blackberries
L - chili with whole wheat macaroni and a sprinkle of cheddar cheese, too many cookies, a piece or 2 of chocolate
Random - hot chocolate, another cookie, popcorn
Dinner - went out to a BBQ restaurant - shared a plate of delicious nachos, had half rack of baby back ribs, some cole slaw, and a side of delicious mac & cheese, plus a few bites off Boyfriend's plate, and a cocktail

Real vs. Processed: 4, breakfast and part of lunch were fine, slippery slope from there

Emotional Eating: For sure.  Another case of I'm not living the life I want to be living right now.  (That post coming soon.)

Overall Balance: 4, because I started the day off pretty well.  After that, it was the perfect trifecta: too much processed or unknown foods, emotional eating, lack of respect for hunger signals

And Saturday only got worse.

No particular meals here, 'cause I'm not sure there really were.  It was an all day grazing food fest:
cappuccino muffin
ham & cheese omelet with homemade home fries
french fries
eggnog milkshake
2 candy bars
an entire thin crust 4 cheese pepperoni pizza (12-14")
another candy bar
3 glasses of wine

Real vs. Processed: 5, the only real food in there was the omelet and home fries

Emotional Eating: I wasn't identifying the emotions, but I'm sure it was probably more of the same, combined with a lot of momentary IDGAF.  The calories of the eggnog shake were listed on the menu. They made me paused.  I stopped and said "Nah, I don't need that."  And then I said, "But I want it.  I'll just drink half."  And then I drank the whole thing.

Overall Balance: 5+++

Plan for Sunday: Well, I skipped breakfast (unintentionally, but it's after 11 and I'm just getting hungry) and have a potato soup in the crock pot.  Once the soup is done, I think I'm going to make some kind of chicken. Healthy real food lunch, and then a healthy real food dinner getting ready to go.  I will be spending 4 hours in the car this afternoon/evening, so maybe I should take some time to think about some healthy snacks I can have to tide me over between lunch and dinner.  I likely won't be home until 8ish.  And get back on the Beck Diet Solution kick.


  1. The Beck Diet Solution is such a great book. I never actually finished it, but have carried pieces of it with me for years.

    This may come out the wrong way, but why do you keep these foods in the house? It seems like there are a lot of high risk snacks in that menu. Were you out and about or at home? May be time to do a clean sweep.

    1. I've also started BDS before, but never finished. I didn't get a chance to restart it again yet.

      I actually don't keep those foods in the house. We went out to dinner on Fri night, and Saturday I was out almost all day. None of what I ate on Saturday was something that was in the house as of Friday night or Saturday morning. It was picked up along the way.