Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Balance Seeking, Day 2

I was going to write something fairly in depth regarding the past year and the coming year, but it's not happening today.  But I have to keep up with the balance-seeking blogging, so here's what happened yesterday:

B - 2/3(ish) cup fat free Fage with 1/2(ish) cup blackberries
L - chili with whole wheat macaroni, apple, 1 miniature 3 Muskateers, 1 piece of Bliss dark chocolate
S - Auntie Anne's cinnamon sugar pretzel
D - Wendy's - single hamburger, fries, diet coke, chocolate shake

Real vs. Processed - in # of meals, pretty balanced: 3; in volume of food, B&L were pretty light, so more of a 4

Emotional Eating - eh, not really.  The pretzel was more impulsive, and Wendy's was because I was on the road.  I could have made better choices, but the choice was fueled by emotions.

Overall Balance - 4 - too many processed food, not enough advance planning, could have made better choices and listened more closely to hunger signals

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