In The Beck Diet Solution, Dr. Judith Beck's first task to preparing for weight loss is to create an Advantage Response Card.  The Advantage Response Card contains a list of all the reasons one wants to lose weight.  It should be read at least twice per day while losing weight and when necessary after weight loss.  Below is the list on my ARC, in order of personal importance.

Advantages Response Card

    1. Be healthier
    2. Reduce future health risks
    3. Breathe more easily
    4. Be physically active more easily
    5. Be happier with what I see in the mirror
    6. Have more energy
    7. Be more confident, less self-conscious
    8. Feel sexier
    9. Feel proud, accomplished, successful
    10. Be less self-critical
    11. Look better in my clothes
    12. Be more attractive
    13. Be proud of my body
    14. Wear a smaller size
    15. Set a good example of a healthy lifestyle for others

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