Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Day 8: "I think I recognize you."

Let me just get this out of the way right now: Yes, I went to the Wendy's drive-through after all my talk yesterday about car-eating.  However, this one was premeditated as I was not going home between the 2nd job (what we now call the temporary day job) and business training meeting.  I wouldn't be home until 10pm, and I didn't plan ahead by bringing food, so I planned ahead to have a burger and fries.  That is not the point right now.

The point is that my post yesterday was 100000% right.  And not in a good way!

I'll also say I've only been to this particular Wendy's once in the past months, which happened to be last Tuesday in a similar didn't plan ahead scenario. 

Anyway, it was about the same time.  And I'm saying to myself, "Man, I really hope it's not the same guy taking money as it was last week.  What if he recognizes me?  How embarassing!"

Really, can you think of anything more embarrassing than being remembered by the drive-thru guy? How about having a conversation very similar to the previous week and the drive-thru guy saying, "I think I remember you.  You were the one saying you were stuck in all that traffic."

Oh my freakin' - I don't even know how to finish that because I was so stunned nothing seems to be an appropriate ending.

Not only am I the chick the drive-thru guy remembered, he remembered me as the chick who complains about traffic! Good thing I decided to stop doing that yesterday.

And now I also have to stop going to drive-thrus.  Wait, I think I decided to stop doing that yesterday, too.  Well, now for real, I guess.

Also, I inhaled the rest of the brownie bites on my way home from the meeting.  I left them in the car thinking I'd take them to Boyfriend's on Wednesday.  I should have known better.  Rest in peace, delicious brownie bites.

Menu 11/19
B - poptarts
L - chicken cacciatore over polenta, apple, cherry Coke Zero
Afternoon - hot chocolate
D - burger, french fries, diet Coke
Car - brownie bites galore
Followed by a late evening glass of shiraz

Real vs. Processed: 4.  I made a valiant effort with lunch, but a little better planning for breakfast and dinner would have gone a long way toward a better balance

Emotional Eating: No, not really.  Not emotional.  Just stupid.  I ate what I did because I didn't plan ahead, and because it was there.

Overall Balance: 4.  It's not pure gluttony, but as I mentioned 18 times already, a little planning could have gone a long way yesterday.

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